Saturday, 30 March 2013

I have learnt where I went wrong....

Taking a back seat from the my fingers are hurting again...what the hell am i doing wrong? I am doing the stretches, I am not knitting without taking a break argh! I took knitting up as a hobby as something I could enjoy but clearly its not working...grr....I'm thinking of getting myself one of these Handeze gloves that nearly every website I've read re knitting hand pain, recommends...a good idea you think, readers? 

Meanwhile whilst taking this little break until my fingers feel somewhat normal, I have been going on You Tube looking at knitting videos and I do wish I had come across this video before I started picking and knitting the the squares I knitted earlier at the start of knitting this blanket! Doh! No wonder my knitting looked...wodgy (wonky and dodgy mashed up lol) Oh well a lesson learnt eh?   I think I'll make this blanket one  day though, It looks really nice and would be a nice blanket to cose up to in the cold wintery period.

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