Friday, 22 March 2013

Umm....its all gone slightly a bit wrong - does it look really bad?

So, I decided to pick and knit the next square and I am starting to wish that I hadn't and just stuck to knitting squares and sewing them together, even if it did take me some time.

So picking and knitting, it took me a while to figure out how to do it but I did it.(Yay me!)  And i managed to knit a few rows till something went horribly wrong (how can you go wrong knitting garter stitches?!) that I thought I'd frog it  and try again, but for some reason the yarn knotted in one of the stitches that i made the decision of cutting the yarn from the knot, and re knit the stitches that were there and managed to 'save' my knitting somehow...but the squares look rather...wonky yikes! Think the receiver will notice the wonky-ness in the squares?

Someone suggested i knit squares on the sides of the first 2 that I have knitted and that should straighten it out. What do you all think? Should I? Or would it be better to start all over again?

Apart from  this WIP, I have also thought of my next project would you believe? LOL I mean, like, I haven't even finished this yet and already thoughts are pouring about what I should knit next.  Does anyone else do that or am I just completely weird?

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  1. Just in case another new knitter comes along and reads this: don't worry, it'll sort itself out once you block the finished product...