Saturday, 16 March 2013

First Knit Project in after a year would you believe!!

Hello everyone. Sadly this blog hasn't been kept up to date, on account of  taking a backseat to knitting due to hand/wrist pain. I think I'd gotten too carried away with my knitting that I didn't think to rest my hands or do stretches and stuff, so I thought I'll take a break, and what a break it has been - a whole year! Yikes!
Well I thought I'd try again, and if things with my hands happen again I think it'll be safe to assume that knitting isn't for me and i will have to sell all my knitting stuff my sister bought for me for Christmas in 2011.

So, my back to basics project is a baby blanket. My BFF is having a baby due in May and she has a baby shower coming up in a few weeks. Now because she has a child already I have been wondering what I can do for her for the shower. So i thought why don't I make something like a baby blanket. So thanks to lovely people on Ravelry, I chose this pattern: Patchwork Garter Baby Throw.

I've yet to start it but I have picked out my yarn which my sister kindly helped me pick. I chose 4 colours out  of this yarn Robin Bonny Babe Aran.  My colours are mint, yellow, white and lilac. I wasn't 100% sure about the lilac but my sister and another fellow ravelrer, Charly said yes. What do you all think?


  1. Very nice - looking forward to seeing it progress. I wasn't too sure about the lilac either but when I really take a good look at it, I think it will nice.

    1. Hi hun, the Lilac is posted on my recent blog post! Thanks for the comment :)