Monday, 25 March 2013

I'm already thinking about my next project lol

Knitting the baby blanket is going well. I found picking and knitting  the  stitches of the squares of my blanket a bit tiresome and some what exhausting and I found in a way, that I am ruining the squares by doing so - you could see it from the picture I posted in my last post. So I thought I'd just knit  the baby squares and seam them in when its finished. It might take some time but its better than ruining what is supposed to be a lovely present for my BFF's baby.

Meanwhile, whilst the blanket is still a WIP (for those who are reading my blog first time and aren't knitters,  WIP stands for Work In Progress),  I am already looking at what my next project should be. I came across this knit pattern: Converse Booties. While on the baby theme, why not? So cute, so tempted to try!  Can anyone suggest any other easy knits I can knit for a baby?


  1. I read that your index fingers hurt from knitting. Is that your whole finger or just the tip? If you're pushing the needles with your fingertips you need to try grasping the whole end with the thumb and index finger or use some sort of cushion on the finger.

    1. Hi there thank you for commenting. Yes its the tip of the index finger...mostly.