Sunday, 17 March 2013

Teaching myself how to knit continental - not easy

So, last night i thought i'd practice knit, you know just to see if I remember how to cast on and do the knit stitch and stuff - how can anyone forget - its like riding a bike (oh boy one of my friends is going to laugh about that comment lol) Anyway I obviously did some arm and hand stretches before doing the knitting, and I found even after that I still got pain in my upper left arm.

So I read somewhere that knitting in continental style is supposed to be easier on the hands/wrists/arms (unless I read wrong) so I teach myself using this video on Youtube Continental knit stitch.  So early this morning (yes I am one of those early risers, even on a Sunday!) I did the stretches, picked up my knitting needles and yarn, cast on like about 5 stitches and thought I'd give it a go. OMG its hard! i don't think using the plastic needles my sister gave me for christmas 2 years ago help either (even though they are comfortable to use and also easier on the hands), cos they make it all so slippery. But I suppose practice makes perfect right?  Can anyone give me any tips on how i can make everything less.....slippery?


  1. Perhaps try wood needles - they are less slippery, tend to "grab" the yarn better. Also, see if one of your yarns feels less "slippery" to you, try practicing with a rough acrylic if you have any of those.

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for commenting :) I did try wooden needles when I learnt how to knit, but they didn't feel very comfortable on my hands. My sister had got me the plastic ones and they are comfortable to use...just not easy to do the continental knit with.