Monday, 8 April 2013

Advice please all knitters - any tips gratefully appreciated

OK so over the weekend after a week or so of resting my hands I thought OK let me try again. I thought maybe the reason for the pain in my hands or fingers was the way I was holding the needles and yarn and I think my theory was right. So I went and found this Youtube video and when I saw the way she was knitting I was like "aaah thats whats going wrong?" So I followed her method on Sunday and knitted for a little while, and  had no problems - until this morning when i could feel the tingly pain in my fingers and my left wrist was a little achy too - arrgggh!  Maybe I'm not meant to be a knitter?   Or maybe its the needles? Should I try knitting with bamboo again?  Or should I try knitting flat with circulars? I have tried the continental method but as easy as it looks, I don't actually find it very easy.

In other news though with regards to my blanket I've knitted a total of 8 white squares and 1 yellow square lol! At least with any luck this blanket will be ready for May when the baby is due.  

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  1. Enjoying your blog a lot. I hope you sorted out the hand pain issue. You might want to try different knitting positions. Like sitting, sitting at a table, having the knitting onthe table with your arms resting on the edge of the table to support the weight. Hopefully you'll find a position rhat is comfortable as your muscles get used to knitting.