Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Making my first knitting mistake grrr!

Well I've made my first beginner knitting mistake...well actually make that my second beginner knitting mistake.  It turns out that my knitting too tightly earlier made my squares smaller if you compare them to what my not so  tightly knitted yellow ones look like now. So i have 8 white small squares and 5 yellow mediium squares - and now i feel like pulling my hair out.  So I guess blocking would be of use here, wouldn't' it? Well that or I unravel the whites and start over again. Oh i feel like such a ninny.

I did find a blog post which sort of helps me when it comes to blocking these squares so its a great tip on Blocking Acrylic Yarn. Hope it works!

Wish me luck lol!


  1. Hopefully you can block or stretch them out to make them all fit together.

    1. yes, i'm going to try blocking them all tomorrow.....fingers crossed