Thursday, 7 November 2013

Want a Cowl, Will make a Cowl! Knitting in the Round Pt 2 :)

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for being a bit absent of late. You see, I've been knitting! Really!! Lots!! I have been knitting so many things since my last post - gosh, knitting is quite addictive. But I suppose its a healthy addiction.

In my last post I mentioned the difficulty of finding circular needles that don't hurt my hand and I was ready to throw in the towel and decide that perhaps using circular needles wasn't for me. But I was wrong. I tried Knit Pro's Symphonie Rose Cubics and they seem to work, so far no hand pain - yay!

So now I am very excited about writing this post because I've been on another learning curve, and I have taught myself how to knit in the round using the said circular needles and I feel so good because I've learnt something new and I have a new FO on top of it, so I actually feel like I've accomplished something :) As its getting colder now I've been thinking winter-warmers. I've already got my toasties, so I thought a cowl would be a easy beginner pattern for knitting in the round. So I went on Raverly and found what looks like a nice warm comfy cowl, The Rime Frost Cowl

Starting off

In Progress


On me :)

This cowl was a very easy, straightforward knit, and a great pattern for a beginner knitter, and I managed to knit it up in 3 days. I used Stylecraft Life SuperChunky for this project and I'm very glad I did because its so soft, and my cowl is wonderfully warm and cosy.

I have been knitting other things but they aren't exactly finished - by that I mean they still need seaming up so I'll show you those when they are actually finished :)

Finally,  I mentioned in my last post about knitting little hats for the Big Knit 2013. If you didn't read it, these hats are knit in aid of Age Concern. You'll have seen little hats on innocent drinks smoothies over the years, well this is why. Innocent drinks donate 25p for each bottle of smoothie sold with a hat on it. Here are the little hats I did. I made these using what I had in my stash of DK yarn that i got from a magazine which i never used. I didn't make very many on account of being on holiday and having several WIPs on the go, but next year I plan on doing more. It was quite fun knitting these up and they didn't take long at all. I look forward to knitting more in 2014.

Well that's all I got for you guys now. I hope this post hasn't been so long that its bored you out of your mind. I just wanted to keep y'all posted about what I've been up to. Oh, and I've made a FB page for this blog too so please like and share on both Twitter and Facebook, it would be totally awesome if you would :)   Until next time :)