Monday, 9 September 2013

A little post to say hi and all's well

Hello everyone I hope all my readers are well.

This is just a short post to say hello. I'm sorry I've not kept this blog up to date. To be honest, I've not knitted anything really since my last FO.

I did attempt to try and make my first garment using circular needles - unfortunately that was unsuccessful - not because I couldn't actually follow the pattern or anything like that, because the pattern looked easy as. But no its to do with the fact circular needles don't seem to be hand friendly for me, funnily enough. I've tried metal  fixed ones, they hurt my hands. So then I tried Knit Pro's Spectra interchangeables....that made no difference.  So I am guessing perhaps, using circular knitting needles is not for me? If thats the case that's a shame because there are so many easy seamless patterns on Raverly that I would love to try - unless anyone  can recommend anything i can do to make my hands pain free while using them, that would be awesome. So while my hands were hurting I took a long rest from knitting until my hands felt normal..

I'm  nearly finished with this Patchwork Garter Squares blanket for my friend's baby thats been a WIP since April.  "Its not finished yet?!" I can imagine you thinking. But to be honest I've gotten bored knitting squares and it feels like its never ending, so I keep stopping and starting on it. But on the plus side, haven't got that many squares left to knit which is a good thing and with any luck this blanket will be a good gift for baby's christening...or Christmas at this rate

In the meantime I am knitting little hats for Innocent drinks' charity campaign for Age Concern, which I am actually finding fun! These hats are so cute! I've knitted two so far  - I wonder how many I can make end of September.  I'll post pictures in my next blog post.

Happy Knitting :)

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