Saturday, 24 May 2014

An FO and a project in the making

Hello everyone! Hope all is well. I'm back with another blog post of my latest knit, and along with that I thought I'd also review the yarn I used too.

Anyway, in April we were blessed with another addition to our family. My sister in law gave birth to a baby boy which in our family right now is really a pretty big deal since the last boy born in our family was almost 30 years ago! That's an awful long time!

So anyway in excitement of the new arrival, I decided to make something with love, for the little man. I didn't want it to be anything too hard or that would take ages yet I didn't want to make a pair of baby booties either, what with baby being born in April and its also nearing summer so the weather is a little warmer and while babies are meant to have their feet covered to keep their little feet warm, I think knitted booties might be a bit too warm for a spring/summer baby. Well, that's the way I think anyway.

I tried this really cute blanket that was in an issue of Lets Knit but i think the pattern was maybe a little bit complicated for me, so i went on Raverly and I found a pattern for the Garter Rib Blanket

Excuse the colour in some of pictures - the true colour is of the blanket, in progress laid neatly on the table and in the final two pictures. I think its safe to say my phone camera is pretty useless hehe.

The whole project took me literally a month to complete and I have to say that's the longest time I've ever spent on a project so far! I used 2 skeins for the whole project - well no 2 and a little bit of no 3 of King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK

Now as for the yarn itself, I didn't love it.

While its a very nice light weight yarn and makes the blanket somewhat nice and light weight as this baby is a spring/summer baby, I didn't actually enjoy using it for the project. For some reason this yarn was somewhat a bit splitty if that makes any sense, when it came to using it whilst knitting. thats the only downside to using the yarn in my opinion. Sorry, I'm useless at writing reviews.

Thats all from me....but in the meantime I'll end this post with a picture of my latest WIP....and I'll leave you guessing what it is...

Best guess will win something this knitting kit that I got free with an issue of Lets Knit last year - a fun knit ready for Xmas 2014 lol :)  Closing date Friday 30th May 2014


  1. It looks more like hat than a sock but not sure that's right!

  2. I think a hat too. The thought of using 4 needless scares me lol x

    1. Oh believe me working with DPNS scared me so much. I learnt how to use them on a sock knitting course...but i've never made the that time i made so many mistakes attempting to knit the sock that I gave up. But now i've done a couple of projects using them, and I'm actually a bit used to them now, I might actually attempt sock knitting again at some stage

    2. Oo so it's not a sock your making then.

    3. Nope keep guessing ;-)