Sunday, 9 June 2013

World Wide Knit in Public Day Saturday 8th June 2013

So, earlier in the week I saw a tweet on my twitter feed announcing a Worldwide Knit in Public Day event in London, hosted  by Love Knitting. So I thought "hey that sounds fun" and decided to go.

The event was held in St Pancras International Station and boy what a turnout it was!

It was such fun. I sat down and joined in knitting with everyone else and  also met and spoke to some lovely friendly ladies and for once I didn't feel awkward about having to knit around loads of people and feel like this incredible weirdo for doing so.   There were also some guy knitters there which I thought was cool.  There were some people who came along to learn how to knit and had made some lovely mug cosies. I wish I had made one because they were great!

I had also signed up to take part in a lace knitting workshop held by Sarah Hatton from Rowan. So after two hours of knitting and nattering, I joined in the workshop with some other fellow knitters.

We were all given a nice ball of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK. I chose this beautiful colour - not a colour I'd normally pick for myself but I thought I'd be different for a change, and I am glad I picked it.

I learnt how to read from a chart and spent the next two and a half hours following a chart and knitting and chatting away with other friendly knitters

The pattern I believe, was for a tiny pincushion, so Sarah kindly gave us all a nice selection of fabric to use. I totally love what i picked out and i could probably use one of them to line the bag i am in the middle of making.

The event finished at 5pm, although there were still some people still knitting. I didn't finish my pattern at the end of the event but I did take it home to finish off and came out looking like this

The whole day was brilliant and I have now decided that I need to find a knitting group closer to where I live and join in the fun because it was great just chatting to like minded people while knitting - or as a fellow knitter who joined me from the workshop said, start my own!

Thank you to the team at Love Knitting, it  was fun!


  1. I was glad to meet you there and delighted with your enthusiasm!!

    1. Hi there! It was great to meet you too, glad to have met someone of a friendly personality as well :) Thanks for following my blog :)

  2. Hey! Well your finished piece looks great you should be very pleased with yourself. Hope you find a group to join nearby and that you have another project on the needles : )